Convert your content into a BlackBerry App in less than 10 minutes!

Demian Borba created this awesome video walk through of the BlackBerry App Generator.
You should definitely check out his blog here: http://dborba.com

Step 1: Sign up for a BlackBerry App World Vendor Account: https://appworld.blackberry.com/isvportal

Step 2: Create your App using BlackBerry App Generator: http://www/blackberryappgenerator.com/

Step 3: Publish to App World.


BlackBerry 10 Jam Video Interview

BlackBerry has just released a great video interview with me, filmed at BlackBerry 10 Jam in Orlando last month.

Check out the video below to hear me speak with Patrick Mollins, Developer Evangelist for BlackBerry, about Mippin's initial experience developing for the highly-anticipated BlackBerry 10 operating system. I also give a sneak peak of one of our titles running on a BlackBerry 10 prototype device (developed in less than a week!). 


Video interview at Blackberry World, Orlando 2012

After Mippin’s impressive keynote at the BlackBerry World General Session, we caught up with its CEO, Nick Barnett, and co-founder, David Mannl. The two showed us how Mippin is transforming the app development industry.



Interview for the Mobile Marketing Magazine

I recently got interviewed by the Mobile Marketing Magazine on the topic of cross-platform mobile app creation and design.

Click on the screenshot for a hi-res version that is actually readable :)

Or read the magazine online:


Techfluff interview at MWC 2010


here a short interview (1:13min into the video) I gave about the key trends of the conference.



Buzz Deck wins Android Developer Challenge 2 Media Category

I got a phone call from @geekyouup late last night screaming at me in joy and hysteria. What has happened?

We won the #adc2 developer challenge in the Media category with Buzz Deck a project him and me are working on for a while now.

The best part is (besides the fame in the developer community) is that it comes with a nice xmas present build-in. A whooping $100k of prize money. That money comes in handy to help our company Mippin to stay at the cutting edge of technology over the next year.

If you haven't checked out Buzz Deck yet, plz do so. It is available globally for free in the Android market.

Best regards

David Mannl aka Flashy


Designing Your App With The Consumer in Mind

I got invited to give a presentation at the Mobile Web Event today (20th October 2009).

The topic (Designing Your App With The Consumer in Mind) couldn't have been better as it is part of my and @mippin's DNA to always focus on the consumer whilst designing and developing a mobile app or service.

The end users honest feedback helps me to create the apps you love. As it says on the 2nd slide: "Nobody gets it 100% right the 1st time" but with your help we (the @mippin crew) eventually will get it right.

See the presentation embedded below:


Android: Buzz Deck - AppJudgment

How cool is this, revision3 reviews our new Android App:


See what I'm reading via Mippin

Hi fellow mobile geeks and designers,

its time to stalk me! See what stories (mainly tech and mobile) are getting my attention.

Point your mobile browser to http://flashy.mippin.com and start following me.


Mippin has a brand new iPhone version

It is awesome - go and check it out:



Awesome video

The short film by Blu an ambiguous animation painted on public walls.
Made in Buenos Aires and in Baden:


Nokia Conversation launches mobile site with Mippin and Winksite

Nokia launched a new website called Nokia Conversations today. They also offer two versions of that site optimized for mobile devices. The one is done with the just recently launched mippinmaker and the other is done with winksite

Best regards

David Mannl


Yeah baby, Mippin wins Red Herring award

I actually don't like fish - I prefer Schnitzel. But I'm still kind of proud being a founding member of a company (Refresh Mobile) who continues to design and create innovative mobile products.

Find out more over at our mippin blog

Best regards

David Mannl


See you all in Barcelona for MWC


I will head down to Barcelona this Sunday to attend the Mobile World Congress.

Sunday I will be at Mobile Sunday
Monday I will be at the Mobile Monday Peer Awards
Tuesday I will be either at the Adobe Party or S60

See ya

David Mannl


Long time no see

Hi guys,

sorry for not posting anything for such a long time. After Goggle started forcing Bloggers to use a Goggle account for posting I just stopped.

But now I'm back showing off the Iphone. I know it doesn't have Flash but who knows, maybe it will get it soon.

Best regards

David Mannl


Mobizines now live in Hungary


looks like T-Mobile in Hungary started to promote their own version of the Mobizines service to its subscriber base. I really like the creative of the campaign. Good to see that they didn't use that much magenta :)


Best regards

David Mannl


Free Mobizines download for S60 2nd and 3rd edition devices. Get the SIS here:


there are a couple of ways to download the Mobizines service free of charge. The easiest way is just to download the sis file to your PC and then install it via bluetooth or cable.

There are currently two versions available for S60 devices. If you are not sure which one is the right one for your phone just try to figure out if your device or as Nokia likes to call it "Multimedia Computer" is shown on the graphic below. If your device is not shown below just go to s60.com and look it up.

Click here to download the SIS file for S60 2nd edition.

Click here to download the SIS file for S60 3rd edition.

Best regards

David Mannl


I'll be presenting at 3GSM in Barcelona


I will be presenting at this years 3GSM congress in Barcelona. The 3GSM World Congress is the world's premier mobile event and attracted over 50,000 people in 2006.

I'm honored to announce that Adobe re-invited me to present at their booth in hall 8 - A50.

I will be presenting the latest innovations around the Mobizines (UK, SA, DE) service which is now live in 3 countries with over hundred titles.

After last years event Adobe moved into a bigger hall with a bigger more colorful booth. This should definitely attract loads of attention for Flash-Lite.

For further details please check the Adobe site here:

Looking forward to see some of you there.

Best regards

David Mannl


Back from Nokia World in Amsterdam


I just got back to our trendy office in west London. I attended the Nokia Forum Pro Reception in Amsterdam. Mobizines was shortlisted for two awards. And we got one.

"Best Developer of the Year" now that sounds nice :)

Cool award as well - it glows in the dark.

Best regards

David Mannl


Playing with my N95

Hi guys,

as you might have heard the new feature pack features the FL 2.0 player as standalone as well as a browser plug-in. And I'm happy to inform you that it works just sweet.

Just point the phone to www.flash-lite.de and navigate down to the post about the Mobizines demonstrator which is a Flash6 movie.

Then use your virtual cursor and activate the flash movie by clicking on it once.
Now the Flash movie react to the 5-way navigation input.

If you click Options this dialog comes up:

Just hit Select and off we go to the standalone player. Dead easy. Love it love it love it.

Best regards

David Mannl

Addicted to chocolate

I've fallen in love again. This little sexy stylish device is a real Flash-Lite 1.1 wonder. Slim as a RAZR and powerful as an N95. I'm blown away.


Mobizines Demonstrator


I just wanted to share our latest development with you. We developed a new previewer who can display the live Mobizines content on any flash enabled device with a player version of 6 or higher. See below the example of the OK! Mobizine:
(Note you have to activate the flash movie once by clicking on it with your mouse)

This is a completely server-side generated Flash movie which can be easily embedded into any website.
Or get it straight onto our phone if you are inside the UK:

Not in the UK but still want the Mobizines service?
Text 'Mobi TimeOut' to +44 7624 806310.

Best regards

David Mannl

Adobe is having a laugh

I just found this supported device on the Adobe Mobile and Devices Developer Center.
This is great. Wonder if the intern who does the website has lost a bet and sneaked it in.

This is great, can't wait to do some flash-lite on a 64x64 monochrome display.

Best regards

David Mannl


The N73 on YouTube

My new N73

Some early thoughts to share:

I had a choice of a couple of phones to choose from to become both my main dev-device and my private phone to use for everything non business related.

I decided to go for the N73, mainly because of its QVGA screen. The phone is pretty good after I pimped it with a 2GB mini SD card. But, the main menu and its subfolders take ages to open up if you have 50+ Application installed.

My verdict so far 78/100 points.

Best regards

David Mannl

Switch to use Blogger


I've finally made my mind up and decided to move away from my handcrafted website and use blogger instead.
I hope this will encourage myself to become more active again in sharing my experiences on Flash-Lite development.

I'll keep you posted.

Best regards

David Mannl